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Daniel H. Ehrenfried


Experience 5/92 - Present President, Little Tree Consulting Dillon, Montana

Founded Little Tree Consulting offering support to projects using the Ada programming language to implement software systems. Little Tree provides consulting on process definition for software design, configuration management, and quality assurance methods and practice. Developed the Ada Analyzer product to scan large software systems and catalogue the information necessary to make informed decisions on quality improvements.
6/90 - 5/92 Self-Employed Consultant Munchen, Germany

6/90 - 5/92 Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) GmBh, Munich

Served as software consultant for the development of the avionics software for the PAH-2 helicopter project. Assigned as leader of the software design group, responsible for the definition of the system software design, implementation strategies, development practice, and configuration management. Additional responsibilities included optimal use of the Rational Environment for software development, testing, and verification activities.
9/91 - 5/92 Diehl GmBh, Nurnberg
Served as software consultant to the MLRS-II antitank rocket system. Participated in system design review and software restructuring effort to improve software performance and maintainability and to allow simultaneous development of multiple parallel releases. Later assigned to assist redesign of front-end signal processing and target detection algorithms.
3/85 - 3/90 Rational Santa Clara, California

1/89 - 3/90

Group Manager: Defined the charter business case for the Application Consulting group as separate profit/loss center within Rational. This group was created to offer Rational's customers consulting services and customized software tailored to meet local site requirements. Led a group of three that provided consulting and custom tools to several embedded-system projects in support of design, implementation, and development practice in Ada on the Rational Environment.
3/87 - 1/89
Senior Technical Consultant: Defined the charter for the Technical Consulting group within home-office marketing. Hired and managed a staff of five people responsible for technical marketing input on the definition of all products, initial training and ongoing support of all field technical personnel, and development of packaged training courses.
3/85 - 3/87
Technical Consultant: Participated in the early definition and positioning of Rational's products from the perspective of field introduction and customer usage. Developed methodologies for product use.
10/80 - 2/85 Officer, U.S. Air Force Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio

1/82 - 2/85

Project Engineer: In-house Ada expert, compiler evaluator, and Ada tutorial instructor. Responsible for project conception, development, procurement, and management of the Ada Information System Management project, a $2.5M research effort to investigate the application of Ada to real-time embedded systems and related support tools.
10/80 - 1/82
Project Engineer: Responsible for evaluation, analysis, and specification of hardware monitoring techniques used for testing of software on MIL-STD-1750A processors.
6/78 - 9/78 Intermetrics, Inc. Cambridge, Massachusetts
Aided in the test and evaluation phase of the Ada language design process. Outside criticism and in-house analysis resulted in proposed changes to the initial language design.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts; bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and computer science, May 1980; cumulative grade-point average 4.5 of 5.0; thesis and focus on high-order languages and compilers.

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