Ada Analyzer/ Ada Repair Training

Maximize the quality improvement Ada Analyzer can bring to your software

The goal of the Ada Analyzer is to support the assessment of software quality in Ada programs and the improvement of quality in the software under analysis. It accomplishes this goal by locating code segments that have suspect quality, collecting relevant information in a condensed form for review by the user, and allowing direct traversal to the actual code so that changes can be made. The Ada Analyzer training course provides students with an in-depth understanding of how to analyze Ada software and how best to use the Ada Analyzer to accomplish analysis and quality-improvement objectives.


This course is designed for the software architect or software Q/A analyst who plans more in-depth analysis of project software than simply checking for coding violations or collecting metrics. It provides a comprehensive understanding of what kinds of analysis can be performed and how to accomplish them with the Ada Analyzer.

Analysis Objectives Covered

Life Cycle Phase Design/
Software Design and Structure X X 1 day
Code Correctness-Defect Identification X X 1 day
Code Optimization X 1 day
Software Documentation Support X X X 1/2 day
Readability, Portability, and Reuse X X 1/2 day
Standards Conformance X X X 1/2 day
Test Generation Support X 1/2 day
Support for Code Reviews X X X 1/2 day


Ada Analyzer Training teaches students how to improve the quality of Ada programs using automated analysis techniques and tools. All course sections are objective-oriented, focusing on the design of analysis to achieve a given objective, and how to use the Ada Analyzer to assist in that analysis.



ada analyzer/ ada repair training pdf (348K)

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